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blucheq simplifies compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations, including the appointment of an EU representative per GDPR's Article 27.


Violations can cost you millions of dollars.
Compliance starts at $27 per month.

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Would you trust a non-compliant business?

A quick skim of your privacy policy can reveal your level of compliance.
Compliance doesn't just to protect you from fines, it builds trust with your customers.



blucheq for Apps

You monitor your app's usage to add features and fix bugs. If it's available in the EU, you are required to disclose your EU representative to your users.


blucheq for E-commerce

If you offer goods or services in the EU, you are required to appoint an EU representative irrespective of whether you collect any payment.

B2B Processors

blucheq for Websites

Do your customers have EU customer data in your systems? The European Data Protection Board requires you to appoint an EU representative.

Protect your business

GDPR requires businesses outside of the EU to appoint an EU representative to intake data subject requests and regulatory inquiries.

Failure to disclose your EU representative is considered a breach of transparency obligations with fines of up to €10 million or more.

Comply now: Appoint your EU representative

Protect your business
Compliance in 3 steps

What you get with blucheq

  • Appoint your EU representative per Article 27
  • Record your processing activities per Article 30
  • Manage EU data subject requests per Articles 12-23
  • and more...

Learn more: How do I appoint an EU representative?

Plans to suit any business

Select a plan based on your processing volume and desired support level.
Each plan provides you with an EU representative to include in your privacy policy and immediately demonstrate compliance with Article 27 of the GDPR.


billed annually

  • Certified EU Representative
  • 10 requests per month
    Automatic upgrade only after 2 months of exceeding your limit
  • Email support

billed annually

  • Certified EU Representative
  • 100 requests per month
    Receive a call to upgrade only when you exceed your limit
  • Priority support

per package

  • Certified EU Representative
  • 100+ requests per month
    Custom package based on expected request volume
  • Priority and phone support

Simplify privacy

The GDPR and other privacy regulations require a new approach to conducting business. Let us translate the regulations into actionable steps you can take to become compliant.

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